Cyber Security: Do you really need it?

cybersecurity why you need it

The modern world is essentially connected by computers and the Internet. The internet has a record of all the most sensitive personal data that one can imagine, therefore cybersecurity is of utmost importance. Some recent high profile data breaches have driven the government to push companies to heighten their cybersecurity efforts. The primary goals of cybersecurity are to defend against financial theft, intellectual property theft, as well as an all-out cyberwar directed at the country.

All the major industries are completely dependent on the cloud to store sensitive employee data, as well as financial data and trade secrets. Hackers could gain access to the company server, before taking it down from the inside,  inflicting major damage upon the company in loss of revenue and privacy breach.

For example, the Sony hack led to their network being taken down for several days, and these attacks were traced to North Korea. These kind of cyber attacks are only becoming more and more frequent, and even the credit reporting agency Equifax has been breached. Cybercriminals are typically seeking sensitive information that they can in turn sell on the dark web. They can also be seeking classified military information which could turn out to be a national security disaster for the country.

Most people do not feel they would ever be hacked, but it is these unsuspecting people that hackers target in order to get their foot in the door, after which they set their sights on targets higher up the value chain. Although regulatory agencies have recommended greater investments into cybersecurity, the revenue share that IT departments command is a lowly 5%.

Even big banks aren’t fully protected against these cyber threats, as can be seen from the JP Morgan hack, resulting in tens of millions of customers having their personal information stolen. Following this fiasco, the bank has doubled its investment into cybersecurity, which is expected to allow it to quickly discover data breaches in order to control any resulting damages.

These are some of the reasons we stress the importance of cybersecurity. In this era of ever increasing digital threats, this is an area where companies need to invest far more resources into. It starts with the average person, who needs to be made aware of the dangers that linger on the web. This could also lead to corporate training tailored to your employees where they are instilled best practices, and taught the do’s and donts’ on handling their own sensitive. If you want a great company in New Jersey to give you an assessment, call these managed computer services guys.